Brief Description of Work

Youth Empowerment

  • Impacted over 1500 Students and Young Professionals directly by organizing various national and international conferences (2012-18) like International Youth Forum, Global Ethics and Values Convention, Model Indian Governance, World Law Dialogue, The Lucknow Conclave, Samvaad, Law, Policy & Governance Summer School, and Indian Law Conclave.
  • Volunteered and Led a Team of over 250 Volunteers of NSS Unit, Ramanujan College (University of Delhi) for 3 Years (2009-12). The unit conducted various cleanliness drives, blood donation camps, soft skills training, cloth and book donation programmes, awareness programmes on social, environmental, and health related issues. The unit also provided volunteers for 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games. I was given responsibility to screen, select and train volunteers from the unit before their deployment during the games.
  • Started nation-wide volunteer programmes – Independence Week and Republic Week to motivate students and young professionals to volunteer for one week for the nation. Over 100 volunteers got involved remotely from different parts of the country and conducted community service programmes in their respective communities.
  • Spoke at TEDxIndiraNagar on Demystifying Collaboration to inspire young people from around the world. The talk is now live on official YouTube channel – TEDxTalks.
  • Conceptualized and Launched India Leadership Forum – a community for leaders of today and tomorrow. We contrive to inspire, engage and cultivate in individuals – the next generation leaders, a global perspective, intercultural empathy and emotional intelligence that would make them adept in operating in multicultural contexts, and help them navigate through the complexities brought by moving beyond one’s traditional boundaries.
  • Mentored a group of students to start a campaign called Parindey to spread awareness about ill effects of smoking and alcoholism. The team has engaged over 1000 youth online and over 500 youth offline through various contact programmes in University of Delhi colleges.
  • Mentored a group of students to start an organization called Project Kushal Society to teach and train over 50 children in music, dance, art and basic literacy and numeracy from underprivileged communities in Ludhiana.
  • Connected with over 50,000 Youth through Social Media Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These platforms are used to motivate and inspire the youth to work for inclusive development of the country.

Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development

  • Conducted pro bono training sessions on Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development for over 1500 students of premier institutes such as IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, IIT Delhi, IIT (BHU) Varanasi, University of Delhi, Panjab University Chandigarh, NITK Surathkal, JIIT Nodia, Integral University, Lucknow, Amity University, Noida and City Montessori School, Lucknow. During the session, my approach is to train students in such a way that they can inspire youth and impart this training in their communities.

Promotion of Hindi Language

  • Conducted a 7-day Introduction to Hindi Language Course for Delegates of International Youth Forum Seliger Russia. Over 50 Delegates from the forum attended this course.

Women Empowerment

  • Mentored a team to create Each One, Teach One programme for their Maid Servants to provide them literacy, numeracy and financial management skills. Awareness about Government Schemes and focus on skill development will be also integrated in this campaign in next phase. In the pilot phase, 10 volunteers joined this programme.
  • Conducted various awareness programmes on HIV/AIDS, Breast Cancer, and Health and Hygiene.


  • Served as a Teach for India Fellow from 26th July, 2013 to 4th April, 2014 at Nigam Pratibha Vidhyalaya, Kashmere Gate, Delhi – 110006. Taught and mentored 40 students of Class 2nd in basic literacy, numeracy and life skills. I also taught them importance of good values through stories.
  • Started Teach Now and Mentor Now programmes to connect children with students and young professionals who wish to teach, mentor, and support children from underprivileged backgrounds. This programme is currently in pilot phase and 10 volunteers in New Delhi and Patna have joined this programme.
  • Mentored a team which teaching literacy, values and numeracy to juvenile inmates in Pune. Over 50 inmates have been impacted through this programme.

Environment and Sustainability

  • Started Let’s Do It World Movement in India in the year 2011. Conducted cleanup programme in Lucknow and mentored teams to conduct cleanups in Patna, Dhanbad, and Udalguri.
  • Started a campaign called Save Fuel to make common public aware about climate change and energy efficiency. (2010)
  • Every year, I plant and adopt a Tree on the occasion of World Environment Day. I encourage my family and community members to do the same. (2009 Onwards)
  • I have pledged to not burn crackers on Diwali. Over the years, I have spread awareness on this issue both online and offline. (2001 Onwards)
  • Researched on Rain Water Harvesting and presented an innovative RWH Model at National Children’s Science Congress. (2005)

Rural Development and Farmer Welfare

  • Organized Gaon Chaley Hum rural immersion programme in Jhansi (UP), Singrauli (MP) and Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) to understand the local issues and problems faced by the farmers. Through these programmes, 50 young professionals have been exposed to these areas. Now, these young professionals and my team are studying the issues in depth to find innovative and cost-effective solutions which can be implemented in these areas for welfare of the farmers.
  • Mentored a group of students to start Agriculture and Rural Development Initiative in Shantiniketan, West Bengal. The following activities were conducted under this initiative: Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations, International Women’s Day Celebrations, Observation Visit to a Tribal Village, Seminar on Active Citizenship and Culture of Transparency, and Spreading Warmth Charity Programme.

Promotion of Indian Art, Culture and Values

  • Founded a student society called Bharat Sansthan (India Society) at University of Strathclyde. The society had over 150 members in the year 2014-15.
  • Represented India and talked about Indian Art, Culture, and Values at various International Platforms such as International Youth Forum Russia and International Youth Forum Mauritius.
  • Mentored a group of students to start Art and Culture Initiative in Bengaluru. Over 50 students have been involved with the initiative for activities such as celebration of World Heritage Day, organizing a Workshop on Varli Art and Observation Visit to Bangalore Fort, Bugle Rock, The Bull Temple, Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple and Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace.

Transparency and Good Governance

  • Adopted the Integrity Pledge administered by Central Vigilance Commission during Vigilance Awareness Week on 3rd November, 2016.
  • Completed an Online Certificate Course on The RTI Act, 2005 with Grade A. This course was conducted by Government of India and Centre for Good Governance, Hyderabad. After completing the course, I have conducted various online and offline awareness programmes on RTI Act, 2005. I have trained over 500 students through these programmes.
  • Voter Awareness Programme – Motivated youth to conducted a Voter Awareness Programme called Vote for India – Wake Up and Vote India in 9 cities around the country. (2014)
  • Started a campaign called ‘Prajavalit’ to create a platform for research and discussion on Uniform Civil Code and Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. Over 25 Students and Research Scholars have joined this campaign. (2016)
  • Conceptualized and Launched India Law Forum – a community for lawyers and law students committed to empower people through legal aid, legal awareness, legal education, and legal events. (2016)
  • Co-Created INY Dialogues – an exclusive platform for leaders which offers them curated resources needed to improve their life and realize their full potential. We engage with key influencers, policy makers and top executives in a dialogue to solve global challenges, and share it with our wonderful community of leaders to leave them with inspiration, advice, and network, to assist them in amplifying social impact. (2018)

Snapshot of Work

Areas of Expertise: Administration, International Management, Teaching, Research, and Public Speaking

Areas of Interest: Politics, Public Policy, Law, and Environment

Organisations: Alexis Group | INY Foundation

Projects Founded: India Leadership Forum | India Law Forum | India Youth Forum | International Youth Forum | Global Ethics and Values Convention | Model Indian Governance | World Law Dialogue | The Lucknow Conclave | Gaon Chaley Hum | Samvaad | INY Festival

Projects Founded and Mentored: Abhigya | Abhiyan | Adhrit | Anusandhan | Arihant | ClatLawGe | Mehek-e-Awadh | Parindey | Plant a Tree | Preshti | Project Nisalayah | Sanrakshak | Save Fuel

Projects Implemented: Let’s Do It! World | Billion Trees Campaign